Silver Room Factory (often stylized SLVR RM FCTY) is a full-service entertainment company, specializing in production, management, and strategic marketing. It is inclusive of brand and production management, social media management, merchandising, marketing, and new business ventures.

The merchandising aspect of company the Full Deck brand (Full Deck World Order, FDWO), acts as a lifestyle brand promoting and selling various items, that include but is not limited to apparel. Through this it builds brands and creates revenue streams for partners by selling through its online store, in the “Full Deck Showroom” (located in the Grand Ave Empire barbershop in , Coconut Grove, Florida), and through other retailers, both brick and mortar and online.  

The charitable arm of the company  the “ FRVR (Forever) Greatness ” brand  was initiated by Shavonta Johnson (Von Hustle), as a way to promote positivity in the community. It was founded in honor of Fred Gibson, Shavonta’s cousin who was slain in their neighborhood of Coconut Grove. It uses a portion of proceeds from the sale of merchandise to provide for, and uplift the community.


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